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  • To encourage and help in establishing Poultry Co-operatives in the State.
  • To facilitate the marketing of poultry and poultry products of the members and others.
  • To arrange sale of poultry products on contract basis to Government, Semi-Government, individual dealers, whole-sellers, retailers within and outside the State after necessary processing, grading etc.
  • To establish sale centers within and outside the State for promoting sale of poultry products.
  • To arrange compounding and sale of balanced poultry feed and other ingredients to its members and others.
  • To take measures for prevention and control of poultry diseases.
  • To organise training of poultry farmers, publication of literature on poultry, arranging workshops, seminars, demonstration, lectures, poultry shows etc.
  • To encourage co-operative spirit.
  • To uplift the economical and social status of the members.
  • To arrange financial assistance for its members.
  • To work as a liaison between the State Government / Central Government / N.C.D.C./ other agencies and the members.
  • To make bulk procurement of poultry pre-mixed feed from within the State and other States, mainly for sale and supply to affiliated societies and arrange for proper storage, packing, grading and transport of such goods.
  • To establish and run manufacturing and processing units for the production of pre-mixed poultry feed in collaboration with other co-operatives or directly by itself.
  • To render technical guidance and assistance to affiliated societies in grading, packing and standardization, bulk buying, storing, display, processing and other business techniques and also management methods to improve and increase their operational, managerial efficiency.
  • To collect and disseminate intelligence and other information relating to the business of poultry co-operatives.